Know Before You Go


CLICK HERE for parking lot locations. Parking is free and each parking lot has a shuttle that takes fans directly to the Clubhouse. Handicap parking is located in Lot A, handicap tag required.


Fans are encouraged to utilize the Rideshare Lot. The Rideshare Lot is conveniently located next to the clubhouse at 4100 Greystone Dr, Birmingham, AL 35242 with a loop for both pickups and drop-offs. 

Payment Options

All concessions will accept cash and card. 

Schedule of Events

CLICK HERE for the Tournament Schedule. 


Gates open at 7:00 a.m. on Wednesday and 8:00 a.m. Thursday – Sunday. 

Prohibited Items

The following CANNOT be brought into the tournament:

  • NO weapons (regardless of permit), including, but not limited to, firearms, knives/pocket knives, etc.
  • NO pets (other than services animals)
  • NO coolers
  • NO fireworks or laser pointers
  • NO noise-making devices
  • NO signs, posters, and/or banners
  • NO televisions, radios, computers, or laptops
  • NO outside food and/or beverages, except for medical or infant needs
  • NO plastic, metal, or glass cups, cans, or containers of any kind, except for medical or infant needs
  • NO metal-spiked golf shoes
  • Any other items deemed unlawful or dangerous by the PGA TOUR Champions and/or Tournament Security Personnel, in their sole discretion

Permitted Items

The following are ALLOWED into the tournament:

  • Personal bags 6″ x 6″ or smaller
  • Clear plastic, vinyl or other carry items not exceeding 12″ x 6″ x 12″
  • A one-gallon clear resealable bag
  • At the tournament’s discretion, food may enter the tournament in a clear, resealable plastic bag, not to exceed the size of a one (1) gallon bag
  • Reusable plastic or metal cups/bottles that are empty upon entry and exit, and cannot hold more than 32-ounces
  • Mobile phones, tablets, and PDA’s – MUST be on silent mode and adhere to the PGA TOUR’s Mobile Device Policy
  • Still camera with lens smaller than 6 inches; no case (During Practice Rounds only)
  • Umbrellas without sleeve
  • Medically necessary supplies, strollers, small diaper bags, plastic baby bottles, and other necessary baby supplies (infant must be with carrier) – These items are subject to reasonable inspection before entering and/or at any time during the tournament
  • Collapsible chairs without chair bags
  • Binoculars without case
  • Seat cushions that do not require a carrying case or that do not have pockets or compartments
  • Motorized scooters or other personal transportation devices when used as a mobility aid by individuals with mobility impairment