Volunteer FAQ


Q: Is there a Volunteer Registration Deadline?

A: The deadline is March 15th to be guaranteed a volunteer position and your size uniform.  However, we will continue to take volunteer registration until the end of April on an as needed/uniform availability basis.

Q: How many shifts do I need to volunteer for during the tournament?

A: All volunteers are required to work a minimum of 3 shifts over the course of the tournament. Shifts are approximately 4-6 hours long. Depending on the committee, there are generally 2 shifts available per day. Marshall holes have 2 shifts on Wednesday and 1 shift Thursday – Sunday.

Q: Is there a minimum age requirement to volunteer?

A: Yes, you must be 18 years or older to volunteer. However, juniors ages 13-17 can sign up to be a Junior Volunteer and serve as a Standard Bearer. To serve on the Transportation Committee, you must be at least 25 years-old.

Q: Is there a fee to volunteer?

A: Yes, all volunteers are required to purchase the $70 Volunteer Perks Package upon registration. The package fee subsidizes the cost of the volunteer uniform and other package items, and thereby supports the tournament’s endeavor to generate more funds to donate and distribute to local charities, including Children’s of Alabama, the primary beneficiary of the tournament. There is no registration fee for Junior Volunteers, however, and they will receive a t-shirt and ballcap to wear while volunteering as standard bearers.

Q: What is included in the 2019 Standard Volunteer Perks Package?

A: See our Volunteer Perks page for details

Q: What does the Volunteer Uniform look like?

A: Click here to view the 2019 Volunteer Uniform photos.

Q: How do I get my volunteer package?

A: Complimentary tickets and parking passes will be available for you to download from your volunteer account by mid-April.  Your Volunteer Perks Package will be distributed at the following times, Wednesday, May 1st 2 pm – 4 pm at Taco Mama HWY 119. If you cannot attend a pick-up time or if you live out of town, you will be able to pick up your package at Volunteer Headquarters during tournament week. *Greystone Members will be able to pick up their packages at the Clubhouse beginning April 18th. Standard Bearers will receive their shirt when they check in at Volunteer Headquarters.

Q: Where is Volunteer Parking during the tournament?

A: Volunteers will park in Lot A and board the shuttle that will drop them off in front of Volunteer Headquarters to check-in. Volunteers will need to log into their online profile to download and print their Lot A parking passes.


Monday, May 6 – Saturday, May 11:
The Church at Brook Hills
3145 Brook Highland Pkwy
Birmingham, AL 35242


Sunday, May 12:
300 Corporate Pkwy
Birmingham AL 35242

Q: Do Volunteers receive a round of golf for volunteering?

A: Yes! All volunteers that purchase the Full Volunteer Perks Package and work a minimum of 3 shifts, will receive a complimentary round of golf on the Legacy or Founders Course (choice) of Greystone Golf & Country Club during a Volunteer Play Day. The required $25 cart rental fee is not included. 2019 Volunteer Play Day Dates: July 2nd, October 3rd, or October 30th

Only for the volunteers who purchase the standard perks package will receive a round of golf  (Standard Bearers, Children’s of Alabama employee volunteers, or Regions Associates volunteers will not receive a round of golf).

Q: When will we receive our uniforms?

A: If you register by: April 30th you may pick up your volunteer package at one of our NUMEROUS uniform distribution dates/locations: Wednesday, May 1st, 2 pm – 4 pm at Taco Mama HWY 119.
If you register after April 30th (or are unable to pick up at one of the uniform distribution dates), you can pick it up at Volunteer Headquarters when you check in for your first shift.

*Greystone Members will be able to pick up their packages at the Clubhouse at their convenience, starting on April 18th.

*Standard Bearers will pick up their tshirt and ballcap at VHQ when they check in for their shift.

Q: What do I do if my uniform does not fit?

A: Volunteers will have the opportunity to exchange their uniform for another size in Volunteer Headquarters during the tournament, on an as available basis ONLY, and ONLY if the tags are still on the shirt.

Q: What do I wear with my uniform?

A: We ask that all volunteers wear khaki bottoms. Men can wear khaki pants or shorts. Ladies can wear khaki capris, pants, or knee length shorts or skorts. No jeans or cargo-style shorts. Tournament hats only, please.

While on shift, we ask that you do not use any alcohol or tobacco products.

Uniforms should ONLY be worn during your shift. If you would like to be a spectator at the tournament before or after your shift, or on a day you are not scheduled, please do not wear your uniform shirt

Q: Do I need to be a golfer or have golf knowledge to volunteer?

A: No you do not! We have several different committees to choose from that do not require any golf knowledge. Training is provided for all committees.

Q: Are there any committees available that will be indoors?

A: Yes; Communications, Transportation, Uniform Distribution, Merchandise and Volunteer Headquarters are all indoors.

Q: How do I know my committee assignment?

A: Once you’ve completed your online registration and your payment has been processed, you will receive an email confirming your selection as a volunteer.  Shortly after, you will receive another email confirming your committee assignment, based on the preferences you selected when registering. Committee assignments are available on a first come, first serve basis and are subject to change.

Q: How do I know my schedule? And when will I receive my schedule?

A: After you select your availability online, your Chairman will then make the committee schedule and you can check your online profile for your personal schedule. Schedules will be available for viewing in no later than April 23rd, 2019.  You will also be able to find your chairman’s contact information for your committee by logging into your volunteer account, should you need to reach out with any issues or questions.

Q: If I am no longer able to volunteer, can I receive a refund?

A: Refunds can be given up to March 1, 2019. No exceptions can be made.

Q: When is Volunteer Training?

A:Volunteer training for Walking Scorers will be Saturday, May 4th at 10am at Volunteer Headquarters (directions and info will be sent to this committee separately).
No other committee will have in-person training, rather you will receive training tutorials/information sent via email prior to the tournament. You will also receive instruction onsite at your first shift. If you have any questions leading up to the event about your specific duties, please reach out to your committee chairperson (their contact info can be found by logging into your volunteer account).

If you have any additional questions, please contact Carly Woods at 205-262-2818 or [email protected].

Q: Can I be scheduled (shift assignments) at the same time as my spouse, friend, etc.?

A: We will make every effort to accommodate your scheduling requests if you both are signed up for the SAME committee. Make sure to list your request on your registration form, and select similar availability to the person you wish to work with during the tournament.

Q: What is the tournament format?

A: Wednesday pro-am will be a two-tee start starting at 7am.

Thursday-Sunday all players will tee off #1 beginning at 8am in threesomes.

All times subject to change.

Q: Can I watch golf when I am not working?

A: Yes, your credential is valid for regular Grounds Admission the entire week and we encourage you to do so.  We ask that you only wear your volunteer uniform shirt at the tournament while on shift.